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Well, there is no one perfect answer. It depends on multiple factors. Front loading washing machines save water but are more expensive. Top loading washing machines are more convenient to use as you do not have to bend to load and unload clothes.

That depends on 2 factors — how you use them and the quality of washing machine itself.

Yes, it is. Low water pressure can damage the washing machine. If you get municipality tap water 24 hours a day (unlikely) and if the water pressure is low, then you will need to install a pump to provide enough water pressure.

Most of the people would get water from building water tank. If the water tank is more than 16 feet (2 floors above) in the vertical distance, then you are lucky. Which means if the tank is on the terrace of a 10-story building, people staying on the 8th floor and below will get enough water pressure. People on the 9th and 10th floor may need a water pump to increase water pressure.

How to check if you have enough water pressure? — The test is simple. Take 1-litre water bottle (bisleri). Of course, it should be empty. Fill it from the tap you will use to connect washing machine. Use stopwatch on your phone to measure time to fill the entire bottle. If it takes less than a minute to fill a 1-litre bottle, then you are good to go. If it takes more time — than you need a pump.

The tumbler washing system in front-loading washing machines is more expensive to manufacture compared to pulsator system in top-loading machines. Also, manufacturers put more features in front-loaders compared to top-loaders.

In the long run, front-loaders can turn out to be less costly as they consume less electricity and water compared to top-loading washing machines

Washing machines have parts made of plastic and metal. They also have electrical parts like motor, circuit board, etc.

Splashes of water can corrode the metal and can be extremely risky if water comes in contact with electrical parts.

Even if you have a big bathroom and keep washing machine in a corner away from the shower, it is still risky. Steam from the hot water we use for bathing can easily enter washing machine and damage it.

If there is no other place left in the house and keeping it in the bathroom is the only option, call an authorized technician from your washing machine manufacturer to ensure safety guidelines are met.

Remember, steam and water can be extremely dangerous when they come in contact with electrical parts. Take safety seriously.

Yes, it is. Direct sunlight can quickly heat up the washing machine and slowly damage parts of washing machines. Especially the buttons on the front panel are very susceptible to damage.

Too much of exposure to direct sunlight will ultimately lower the lifespan of a washing machine.

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